Wings Of Glory Gallery

Wings of Glory Gallery will become the largest online Aviation and Maritime Gallery in Australasia and NZ.

I managed and ran the famous Wings Over Australia Aviation Art Gallery at Glenbrook (which was owned by a famous Sydney Radio identity)from 1992 until 1997 , in the Blue Mountains outside Sydney. We had over 180 framed prints and paintings representing Artists such as Robert Taylor, Nicolas Trudgian and a huge selection of the top American,British and Australian Aviation artists.

My Background is Australian Army, I was a Tank Commander and Gunnery Instructor in the Armoured Corps, for quite a few enjoyable years (1974-85), having the opportunity to travel and experience some great times. Before that I was in the Air Training Corps of the RAAF. My Family traces a direct line back to the Knights Templar in France,during the 2nd Crusade,  Our Family also fought in the American War of Independence, the Napoleonic Wars, The American Civil War , and my Grandfather was an American who fought the British, and then in WW2 commanded an Internment Camp for Luftwaffe and Allied Aircrew ! (See the Movie "The Brylcream Boys") as Eire was neutral then.

My first Aviation opportunity was my first flight (as a child)  in a 2 seater Spitfire of the Irish Army Air Corps, in the mid sixties, I then visited the set of the Iconic Movie "Battle of Britain" getting to meet Douglas Bader and Adolf Galland, and this was instrumental in starting a lifelong passion for WW2 propellor aircraft, in particular the Spitfire. 

We had a very evocative atmosphere, where the Aviation fraternity both Civilian and Military ( RAAF Headquarters is located in Glenbrook.) came to look at the prints , and meet the famous air aces, fighter and bomber aircrew both allied and axis, who attended the various forums, and functions. At one function, a Luftwaffe Nightfighter Ace was describing a combat situation over Germany , he had run out of ammunition, and remembered the code letters of the Lancaster that he was about to shoot down, when a voice came from across the room, "That's my Kite Old Chap", and two former enemies were reunited, needless to say the beer and Pizza's lasted through the night !

Over the next few months we will be populating the website with the worlds Aviation Artists, the best of Aviation DVD's, Aviation Leather Jackets , Replica Insignia, and eventually selected Aviation Books, and we hope to open up a small Aviation, Military and Naval Gallery,when we locate a suitable site in Sydney.

We will also set up a forum where enthusiasts can discuss, collecting Limited Edition Art and all things Aviation.

Niall G



 The Old Wings Over Australia Logo



 The Gallery Interior



 The Gallery Interior with Spitfire and Hurricane Models



 Robert Taylor and myself with Signatories of "Escort For a Straggler" 1995



 Robert Taylor with Paul Wong who purchased Original Painting as shown.



 Robert Taylor with Rollo Kingsford-Smith and Mosquito Crew



 Brian "Blackjack" Walker




 Bobby Gibbes and "Blackack" Walker





 Exterior of Wings Over Australia Gallery at Glenbrook, Lower Blue Mountains Sydney