Memphis Belle was the first B-17 Flying Fortress to complete 25 missions over enemy territory and thus takes her place in the Aviation Hall of Fame. Her Skipper Col. Robert "Bob" Morgan flew her through all of them. She dropped 80 tons of bombs, shot down several enemy fighters and damaged many more. She suffered severe damage on many occasions, returning once with half of her tail shot away and was riddled with machine gun fire.

She had a wing destroyed and five engines needed replacing but she kept going out and coming back into the teeth of the murderous Flak and hordes of Me 109 and Fw 190 fighters. She flew almost 150 hours of combat missions, her crew were decorated 51 times, all receiving at least the Distinguished Flying Cross.

The "Belle" is pictured on her way to France again but on the edge of the box in probably the most vulnerable position. Today there is no fighter escort and she will be shot to pieces. In a twenty minute running duel with FW 190's she will lose half of her tail but with elevators jammed Bob Morgan will get her home again.

Size 20" x 24". Limited edition of 1500 prints.
Signed by Col. R. Morgan.